Quest of the Seekers: Book One of Promise of the Phoenix David L. Brown


Published: May 21st 2011

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Quest of the Seekers: Book One of Promise of the Phoenix  by  David L. Brown

Quest of the Seekers: Book One of Promise of the Phoenix by David L. Brown
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Quest of the Seekers is Book One of the science fiction, techno-thriller series Promise of the Phoenix. The series title comes from the name of an interstellar ship built to carry survivors from a devastated Earth to a new beginning in far-off space. Set in the late 21st century, the story describes a world that has been devastated by climate change, war, famine, plague, economic collapse and social breakdown. Against this background of disaster, a story of courage, hope and resolve plays itself out as a group of desperate survivors strive to escape from the destroyed Earth.

Promise of the Phoenix provides a warning about the errors of humanity’s ways and the dangers that face our species — and indeed all life on Earth — in the uncertain future that lies ahead. It is an exciting adventure series that will not only entertain, but may cause some readers to think more deeply about present social and environmental trends. What makes this series different is that the frightening possibilities it portrays are all too possible, for the future it describes is based on extrapolation of present trends.

There are ominous signs that all those dangers are already beginning to emerge. Although the narrative of the Promise of the Phoenix series does not portray an optimistic view of our planet’s future, readers may find within it some important lessons and an uplifting moral.

It should be kept in mind that the grim future of the Phoenix world is not a certainty but only one possible result of present trends, trends that can be reversed. Book Two of the series, Phoenix Arisen, is available now and Book Three is presently being written. Previewers have praised the series in no uncertain terms. College astronomy lecturer Val Germann wrote: Read this book and look beyond todays headlines to a future history youre sure to find sobering yet encouraging, frightening yet fascinating.

Its an exciting adventure that contains many important lessons. Mechanical engineer and essayist David Ponton wrote: Brown doesnt create a fantasy land, rather he looked at data and trends and extrapolated forward to a world wracked by weather calamity.

In this vividly described landscape, he lays out a remarkable and suspenseful adventure of human tragedy and triumph. Reading Quest of the Seekers was the most enjoyable and worthwhile thing I have done lately. Science fiction author and book reviewer Paul Dellinger wrote: It is practically an article of faith in the SF world, at least in stories dealing with space, that humankind will eventually find a way around the light barrier or take a generations trip to colonize planets around other stars.

But the emphasis in Browns story is that we need to straighten things out on Mother Earth first. … In what is left of Chicago, control has been seized by an insane dictator who actually believes he is the reincarnation of an ancient god. His delusions of grandeur put even The Boss, as depicted in the 1936 H.

G. Wells movie, Things to Come, to shame. … This is one of the warningnovels, the if this goes on story being interspersed with historical notes from our near-future showing likely outcomes of global warming and other trends we ignore now at our peril. … [It is] more than an adventure story, or can be if we take it to heart. Recalling books he read as a youth, Delliinger compared the Phoenix novels to early works of Arthur C. Clarke, Ben Bova, Evan Hunter, Lester del Rey and Raymond F. Jones.

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