Dictionary Of The English Language Samuel Johnson

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1350 pages


Dictionary Of The English Language  by  Samuel Johnson

Dictionary Of The English Language by Samuel Johnson
| Hardcover | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 1350 pages | ISBN: 9780405124143 | 6.38 Mb

This is the first electronic edition of one of the most important works ever compiled in English. Dr Johnson??s Dictionary remains a major resource for and cornerstone of the English language. This CD-ROM presents the key 1755 and 1773 (First and Fourth) Editions, both of which have been available previously only in print facsimiles.

Here the texts of both Editions have been transcribed and may be viewed side by side. In addition, digitized images of all the original pages are supplied. The software allows rapid searching of both Editions of the Dictionary for words, phrases, headwords, quotations and source-authors. The only publication ever to reproduce the key First and Fourth Editions of Johnson??s Dictionary together, this CD-ROM will be of value to dictionary lovers and Johnsonians as well as to scholars, teachers, and students of language, literature, lexicography, history, and eighteenth-century studies.

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